Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Feeling the Love!

Hey Guys,

You all know that Rob is always on me to blog and get re-focused ... now Brian P. is also one of my life coaches (that's what I call Rob)! You guys & gals are the best! I really, truly plan to get going seriously January 1, 2008. The number 8 represents new beginning and both me and my husband have a lot of new beginnings we are preparing for and my weightloss/life change is definitely at the top of the list! It makes me feel so good to have you all in my corner encouraging me to do better and scolding me when I'm bad. May the good Lord Bless ALL of you and your families this Christmas Season; I'm sure all of our "New Beginnings" are right in front of us all we have to do is reach out and grab it!



Monday, December 10, 2007

Missing in Action!

Hey Guys,

Rob has been dogging me out for not blogging and truthfully I have been dogging myself out about it! I was too embarrassed to admit I had fallen off the band wagon so I stayed away. This is so weird for me because I am so confident about every other area in my left; definitely a go getter and not afraid of anything. This weight loss battle has been the story of my life as I'm sure most of you can relate to that statement. I am doing fine for those of you who were concerned about me; I am just working on refocusing. I know, I know there is nothing to it, but to do it! Don't give up on me yet!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fear Factor

Hey Guys,

I hope everybody had a productive weekend! Me and my hubby were at odds, I had death in the family, so sort of bitter sweet. On the bright side I attended our Women's Day Conference at my Church and it was wonderful! When it was lunch time I was so hungry because I woke up to late for breakfast and skipped it (I know terrible thing to do). I was pleasantly surprised that the menu had a nice variety of good and not so good food choices...but all yummy. I had fruit, a turkey pita wrap and salad with a vinegarette dressing. Also, I found it very helpful that we ate together as a group so I was so busy talking, that I wasn't overly focused on how hungry I was or that the small portion I'd selected wouldn't be enough. So I did great.

Fear Factor: I was at Target the other day shopping for a hair blow dryer and ran into the area where the scales are ..... they were on sale and they were stacked ceiling high! I stopped and looked from a distance at first because I was really scared to move in closer because I dread the scale more than I really thought. I know some of you are laughing because I even laughed as I walked away without a scale in my hand thinking to myself "are you serious"? I am going to go back and purchase one this week so that I can track my weight loss more regular.

Have a peaceful, prosperous day!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Diva Down

Good morning,

Guys you wouldn't understand what I'm going through .... this is just for the ladies because they understand because we share this common nightmare as women! I have had a munchy week - I am craving salt and sweets as usual and I am trying to fight the cravings but they are so strong and I guess I am too weak to fight off the temptation like in most cases. I have just screwed this week up so next week will definitely be a tight ship in my food choices, and my exercise plan will be in full action daily. I used to be a member of Jenny Craig and I have this CD and it is awesome - I did really well when I incorporated the workout in my plans just 3 days a week. What a difference a 30 minute workout can make huh? I went from losing 1.7-2.2 lbs. a week, to loosing 5-6 lbs. a week....THE DIVA HAS TO WORK IT; I just really hate it because my body aches for the first 2 weeks. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize .... MY SHOPPING SPREE, 3-4 sizes smaller!

Thanks - have a peaceful, prosperous day everybody!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekend Fun

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the wonderful advice! I did take heed to it and planned to have a slice and a small piece of birthday cake. However, I was so busy having fun with the kids and other adult guests, that I skipped the birthday cake and was more than satisfied with the 1 slice of pizza. I wish I could have a digitized picture of myself 150 pounds less so that I could pull it out everytime I get tempted to eat some of my favorite fast foods :) Oh well, wishful thinking - I just have to use good old fashion WILL POWER HUH? Happy Melting ......

Friday, September 28, 2007

Staying Focused

Hey Guys,

Staying focused can be challenging especially when you're in a party setting. I am giving my 4 year old niece a birthday party tonight at Chuck E. Cheese so I am coming up with a plan now to not eat the pizza at all because I definitely want a small piece of cake. The party starts at 7 so I'll have to go home, eat my 300 calerie entre so that I'll be satisfied; this should help with the temptation. Pray for me because this is the first event that involves "bad food" that I love!

Overall, this week has been a success. My goal is to have 1700 calories a day - my doctor says that I should stay between 1700-2200 for the first 4 weeks. It was unbelievable, and sort of embarrasing to learn that I was consuming over 3300 caleries/day - DEFINITELY NOT DIVA! I plan to start working out at least 3 days a week before work (Pray for me on that too :)).

Any advice?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 1 Diva Style

Hello everybody,

This will be the most rewarding thing I've ever done for myself! Oh yes, I have been on this weight loss roller coster pretty much all of my adult life and I am finally, seriously ready to get off! I welcome any advice you can give - I need all the support I can get. My husband and I have plans to start a family soon and the "DIVA" wants to enjoy every moment without any complications and without loosing my breath.....hahahhaha!!

I am a very fun person, with a very healthy sense of humor. I am a great woman of faith-spiritual, beautiful, smart, ambitious, focused, loved, in love and ready to take a trip to the mall and be able to walk into any store and get what I want and that means being able to wear what I want and look great in it! My birthday is January 29 (AQUARIUS WOMEN ARE NATURAL BORN DIVAS!) and my goal is 40 lbs. melted down by then. Pray for me as I will be Praying for you....GOD IS GRACIOUS & MERCIFUL and He is willing to help us in EVERY AREA of our lives....but FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS NULL & VOID! I plan to WORK IT DIVA STYLE :)